The Power of Signage

Carved 23K Gold Leaf Signs For Business


I bet that you are someone who wants to make more money for your business. If so, paying attention and acting on this knowledge could be the one of the better moves you have made for your business. Follow me, and I’ll tell you why…

One of the most respected marketers today, Jay Abraham, observed that, “Every business, first and foremost, is in the business of marketing their business.” No matter what your business is – a retail store, a restaurant, professional office, if you want people to know about you – you gotta tell ’em!

Think about it. You spend big money every month to have your business in front of all the traffic passing your location every day. If you don’t find a way to get that traffic pulling into your parking lot, walking through the door and up to the cash register, you are burning up a ton of money every month just as surely as if you took all the cash from your pocket and set it on fire. But this doesn’t begin to factor the profits you are missing by not capitalizing on that traffic!!!


Experience has taught me that the best approach to take toward serving new clients is to fully express what I actually do. On the surface of things I am a skilled professional in the sign industry. But I learned long ago that I don’t just create and sell Carved Dimensional Signs

What I actually offer is an intelligent, proven system for making your business location operate at it’s highest profit potential! Most retail establishments are located at very expensive locations, with the owner(s) often spending several thousand each month to be in front of over 10,000 cars per day.

Unfortunately, very few businesses effectively capitalize on that traffic, so the owner(s) often ends up making one of three choices:

  1. Spends hundreds/thousands per month on ineffective, usually very expensive advertising.
  2. Spends thousands per month on off-site ads, TV and Radio which deliver a VERY LOW Return on Investment ratio.
  3. Gives up on advertising and gets minimal business until they build up years of referral/return business.

All 3 methods are ineffective at maximizing the profits you deserve because, in each case, your location under-performs!

Think about it with me: Why spend all of the expense getting a high-traffic location, if you are not going to:

  • Get 100% of their Attention
  • Promote Everything You Offer in The Best Light
  • Make a GREAT Impression?

The Bottom Line:

It is VERY expensive to waste that traffic!

I serve my clients best by doing a consultation, either by phone, Skype, or in person. During the time we spend together, I deliver real knowledge and value to you, information that comes from the U.S Small Business Administration and Chamber of Commerce. If you just put just one of these ideas into effect, the result will pay for itself many times over.

I will assess the ‘real value’ of your location in a way you have probably never considered before. I help you identify ‘image-killers’ and show you how to eliminate them. Next, I will share my Signage Advertising System, and educate you on the full power of the philosophy, techniques and message-creation concepts I use for the system. When we are finished, I will make a recommendation for an on-location marketing display which is perfectly sized and designed – with a message strategy aimed at getting you more attention.

A half hour of your time will get you a no-obligation education about how to capitalize on potential business which you are almost certainly missing out on now.

Don’t Wait – contact me RIGHT NOW! You are losing money – as you think about it, another car just drove past thinking, “I wonder where I can get a good mechanic… or find the best dentist in town?” 

In order to provide you with the fastest, most accurate information I can, I have put together a short questionnaire that you can fill out and email to me. This information will give me a ‘jump-start’ on your location with you. I will never share any of your information with a 3rd party. This is strictly to enable me to serve you better.

If you rather not email this information and would prefer to give it to me by phone, you can call me at 607-442-6337

Download your copy of the Small Business Special Report: The Secret That Can Increase Your Cash Flow and Explode Your Profits. This report alone can educate you about marketing, by making sure that whenever your local people think of the kind of business you’re in, they think of YOU.